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About the School

The Willow Tree School was founded in 2000. It ran for two years in Rochester, New York and is now located in Melbourne, Australia. It's primary purpose is to develop and teach the most effective traditional Chinese methods for health and wellbeing.

The School's curriculum concentrates on foundation training in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation, with a goal to developing chi (internal energy) and relaxation in both body and mind.

Students who persevere in their training will receive a variety of benefits including :
About Tai Chi AustraliaStress/Anxiety Relief
About Tai Chi AustraliaImproved Circulation
About Tai Chi AustraliaImproved Balance
About Tai Chi AustraliaAligned Posture
About Tai Chi AustraliaRelaxed yet powerful tendons and muscles
About Tai Chi AustraliaIncreased Concentration
About Tai Chi AustraliaIncreased Energy Levels

Students at the Shi Zhong Shr Jung School Taiwan
Class at the Shr Jung School, Taipei, ROC

The Willow Tree School also teaches Tai Chi for self defence for students who have an interest in that aspect of the art. Tai Chi as a martial arts focusses on self improvement, overcoming the self, developing softness in the body, a calm mind and not meeting force with force.

The Willow Tree School is a member of the Cheng Zi Tai Chi Study Association (Melbourne). The school's chief branch is based in Taipei (ROC) and is run by Sifu Morgan's gradmaster Master. Hsu Yee Chung.


I have only been studying Tai Chi with the Willow Tree School of Taiji for a short time, but under the watchful eye of Sifu Morgan, I have made more progress than I previously thought possible, though still only a beginner, I feel inspired, engaged, and empowered to take control of my training when not in class, but also to remain relaxed, humble, and open to learning at all times.
I whole heartedly recommend Willow Tree School, and Sifu Morgan to anyone serious about studying Tai Chi.
- Sheldon Whittaker (Beginner Student)

Tai chi has been extremely beneficial to me as a low-impact excercise which helps to improve my arthritis and general health. I was also able to keep practising during my pregnancy, and Sifu Morgan was very helpful with tailoring the classes to suit my changing capabilities up to the birth and beyond. - Elizabeth Drake (Level Two Student)

Sifu Morgan emphasizes practicing Tai Chi foundation exercises daily without a break. All these short routine exercises contain in depth Tai Chi principles. I find this is extremely beneficial in terms of health and building a good foundation for Tai Chi form and sensing hands. As he always says laying a page a day will eventually make a book. - Shon Siau (Level One Student)

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